BAC Local 1 - Union Election Letter to Membership

August 5, 2020

To: BAC Local 1 MN/ND/SD Membership

Dear Brother/Sister,

This letter is being sent to inform you there will be a Special order of Business meetings for nominations of all chapter officers during the month of September.  These positions include: chairman, recording secretary, sergeant-at-arms, and the negotiating committee.  Two members for each craft can be elected to the negotiating committee in each area where there are negotiations.  Here is your chance to get involved and be part of the negotiating team.  The chapter meetings are scheduled as follows:

Chapter #4MN – Central Minnesota – Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020

Brainerd American Legion, 708 Front Street, Brainerd, Minnesota, 7 p.m.

Chapter #11MN – Southwest Minnesota – Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020

Mankato Eagle’s Club, 708 North Riverfront Drive Mankato, Minnesota, 7 p.m.

Chapter #4SD– Rapid City – Friday, Sept. 04, 2020

Rapid City Labor Temple, 922 E. St. Patrick Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, 6 p.m.

Chapter #1SD– Sioux Falls – Tuesday, Sept.8, 2020

Sioux Falls Labor Temple, 101 S. Fairfax Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 6 p.m.

Chapter #3MN – Northeast Minnesota – Wednesday, Sept.9, 2020

Duluth Labor Center, 2002 London Road, Basement Hall, Duluth, Minnesota, 5 p.m.

Chapter #15MN – Northwest Minnesota and North Dakota, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020

Bemidji Elks Club, 116 4th Street NW, Bemidji, Minnesota, 5 p.m.

Chapter #2SD– Yankton – Friday, Sept.11, 2020

Yankton VFW 209 Cedar Terrace, Yankton, South Dakota, 6 p.m.

Chapter #1MN – Metro Area – Monday, Sept. 14, 2020

St. Paul Labor Temple, 353 West 7th Street St. Paul, Minnesota, 4:30 p.m.

Chapter #8MN – Southeast Minnesota – Monday, September 14, 2020

Watertown VFW, Rochester, Minnesota, 7 p.m.

Chapter #5SD – Watertown – Monday, Sept. 21, 2020

Watertown VFW, 808 S Broadway, Watertown, South Dakota, 7 p.m.

Chapter #3SD – Aberdeen – Monday, Sept. 21, 2020

Aberdeen Central Labor Union, 617 S. 15th Street, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 7 p.m.

Chapter #15ND – Fargo– Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020

Dilworth Hi Ho Tavern, 10 Center Ave E, Dilworth, Minnesota, 5:30 p.m.

Chapter #3ND – Grand Forks– Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

East Grand Forks American Legion, 1009 Central Ave, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, 7 p.m.

Local Union Nominations

There will be a Special Order of Business meeting for nominations of all local union officers in conjunction with the semiannual meeting on Saturday, October 10, 2020, 353 West 7th Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, 9 a.m. The positions include: President/Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Vice President, and three Vice Presidents.

 Officer Qualifications


1. The elected officers of this Local Union shall consist of a President/Secretary Treasurer, an Executive Vice President, and three (3) Vice Presidents. In addition, the members of each chapter shall elect the following chapter officers: chair, recording secretary, and sergeant-at-arms.

2. The elected officers shall be elected for a term of three (3) years commencing on the first (1st) day of the calendar month following the month in which the election is held.

3. No member shall be a candidate for or hold more than one (1) elected office at the same time.

4. Qualifications for Office

A. In order to qualify as a candidate for any elected office in this Local Union a member shall be required:

(1) to have been a journeyperson member continuously in this Local Union and in the International Union for a period of two (2) years immediately prior to nominations; and

(2) to be current in the payment of his/her dues; provided that the President/Secretary Treasurer shall accept payment of any dues in arrears at the nomination meeting prior to the opening of nominations.

B. No person who has been debarred by the International Union or any Local Union after trial from holding office

shall be qualified as a candidate or hold office during the period of his/her debarment.

C. A contractor member, or a supervisory member who works in a supervisory position on a continuous and ongoing

rather than project by project basis, with the effective authority to hire, fire or impose substantial discipline, may not be a candidate for or hold office.

D. Retired and disabled members who are collecting Local Union pension or IU pension benefits may not be a candidate for or hold union office unless they cease being a retired or disabled member for a period of twelve (12) months prior to the date of nominations.

PDF icon Local 1 Constitution Proposal 

Members will be voting on the proposed amendments to the Constition and By-Laws.  To review and dowload a complete copy of the Local 1 Constitution proposal click PDF icon here.  If you would like a copy of the Local 1 Consitution Proposal mailed to you, please contact our office at 612-379-2966.  

To download an electronic copy of this letter, click PDF icon here. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office directly at 612-379-2966. 


Douglas B. Schroeder


Douglas B. Schroeder

President / Secretary-Treasurer

Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

Local Union #1 MN/ND/SD