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The Minnesota AFL-CIO is proud to have scholarships available for union members and their dependents.

The Women Building Success Annual Photo Contest Event will be held March 8th, from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

A new art exhibit, "Women Building Success," will be displayed in the Minnesota State Capitol North Corridor.

The dates for the Duluth, Iron Range, Central MN, and Minneapolis retiree coffee meetings have been announced. 

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The Yellow Ribbon Network is a diverse group of employees and organizations uniting key areas to leverage existing support activities, build awareness and take action to recognize and support service members, veterans and military families.

Take Action

The North Dakota Legislature will soon consider two important pieces of legislation regarding school meals. Together these school meal bills add up to a big step forward for North Dakota’s legacy; ensuring all kids get a hot meal while they are at school.

  • HB 1491 would provide school lunch at no cost for all public school students in North Dakota.
  • HB 1494, regarding school meal policy, would prohibit all types of lunch shaming policies such as identifying which kids are on free or reduced lunch, throwing food away if the kid can't afford it, making kids work for food, excluding kids from school activities for having meal debt, or even sending their families to private debt collectors over school meal.

Contact your state legislators TODAY! Let them know you support school meals legislation HB 1491 and HB 1494.

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