MN & ND Training Center Hiring for Instructor! Updated 9/16

Due to an error in the job posting, the Minnesota and North Dakota Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Journeyworker and Apprentice Training Trust Fund is pleased to reannouncing an opportunity for an Instructor. This Instructor position is full-time, salaried with demands of 40 or more hours per week, and an expected term of ten months per year, paid at the Metro Journeyworker Bricklayer scale.

The purpose of this role:

To bring all aspects of training to the far-reaching areas of MN/ND BAC local #1 and to support all trainings, activities regarding the apprenticeship training center. Primary to remote apprentices, secondary to the training center. To be an advocate and spokesperson for all the trades under the BAC umbrella.


  • Primary role involves all aspects of instructional training for remote (outstate) apprentices and Journeyworkers in MN/ND DAC Local 1. Including preparing and teaching all hands on and correspondence. Correspondence will be via zoom or similar.
  • Other responsibilities included but not limited to:
  • Record keeping-Attendance, Correspondence Assignments, Tests, shop evaluations. All records to be both written and electronic. TMS/Engage and approved spreadsheets.
  • Locate venues to hold remote training, predominately upgrades and pre-apprenticeship. Examples of venues are other Union trade facilities or Contractor facilities.
  • Instruct/teach/facilitate upgrades and pre apprentices trainings in all remote areas of MN/ND BAC Local 1 apprenticeship. With approval from Manager of Operations.
  • Attend all outreach/recruiting for all BAC trades, examples, Construct tomorrows, Boot camps, trade/career fairs and community events.
  • Facilitate apprentice participation in competitions, facilitate members for judges in competitions.
  • Schedule jobsite evaluations. Work with contractors in each area to strengthen relationships.
  • Support all programs under the MN/ND BAC apprenticeship umbrella.
  • Maintain competency in instructional methods by attending workshops or other training opportunities. Subject to approval from Manger of Operations.
  • OSHA instruction to all BAC trades.
  • All tools under care, inventoried and maintained.
  • Work collaboratively with Manager of Operations and other training center staff to achieve the unified program goals.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as the Manager of Operations or Board of Trustees may subsequently assign.

Full time salaried position with demands of 40 or more hours per week. Expected term 10 months. The ideal candidate will be Journey worker with 5 yrs minimum experience in the masonry fields of brick and PCC. Complimentary computer skills would include: Microsoft office (word, outlook, excel) PPT presentation or similar. Complimentary social media skills FB, Instagram, twitter, snap chat, you tube, tik tok.

Send all resumes to [email protected] accepting applications through 3:30 pm, Thursday, September 29th. Interviews will take place the week of October 3, with anticipated start date of October 24th. Interviews may be combination of virtual or in person. Questions regarding the position should be directed to Manager of Operations, John Slama, 651-272-9910, email [email protected].