Teamsters Local Union #792 Strike

Teamsters Local Union #792 has given notification that they are on strike against JJ Taylor Distributing Company of Minnesota.

They ask that the complete product line in the JJ Taylor portfolio be boycotted, including:

Miller and Miller Lite
Founding Fathers
Summit Brewing
Four Loco
Reds Ale
Seagrams 4 packs

Coldspring Brewery
New Belgium/Fat Tire
Belgian Owl Distillers
Grain Belt Premium
Smirnoff Ice

*Please confirm with your retailer that these brands are distributed by JJ Taylor at that location

About the Strike: From Teamsters #792

"Teamsters Local Union #792 is currently involved in a Labor Dispute that has led to a work stoppage with our members and the JJ Taylor Distribution Company of Minnesota, Inc. The dispute involves a number of issues, including a new routing system for the drivers. This new routing system would requre the trust of the drivers in their supervisors and management officials. This trust has been lost over years of unkept promises and past challenges to the clearly agreed upon language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that both parties signed in good faith to honor and uphold. The company's current proposal and new routing system will further deteriorate the working conditions of our members. Our members are seeking the respect and dignity that they have earned over many years of faithful service."

-Teamsters Local Union #792