Minnesota Members - Fight Floor Amendment to HF 5242

While we were pleased to see the failure of the 11 Design Standards/Materials Preemption policy bills in Minnesota to make the Committee legislative deadlines, we have been monitoring the Housing Omnibus Funding Bill for any harmful policy amendments. The Housing Omnibus Funding bill has been rolled together with the Transportation and Labor Omnibus Funding Bill. (HF 5242). 

A clean version of the Transportation, Labor, Housing Omnibus Bill (HF 5242) passed the House of Representatives last Wednesday, May 1st and – regrettably - a harmful floor amendment was added to the Senate bill and passed on Monday evening, May 6th that would prohibit local governments from doing masonry ordinances for all residential (single family and multi-family buildings.)  The Conference Committee member appointments were finalized Thursday afternoon, May 9th, and a meeting was held May 10th. The Conference Committee agreed on the same and similar language for the Labor portions of the omnibus bill and plans to meet again on Monday to discuss the Housing portions.  

We ask our members in Minnesota to please call and email the below-listed conference committee members – while using talking points provided below - and express strong concerns. This will result in a drop-off in multi-family masonry projects and jobs in the state. 

Below is a list of the members and a suggested phone and email script:

Members of Conference Committee

Representative Frank Hornstein  651-296-9281  [email protected]

Representative Michael Howard  651-296-7158  [email protected]

Representative Michael Nelson  651-296-3751 [email protected]

Representative Brad Tabke  651-296-8872  r[email protected]

Representative John Petersburg  651-296-5368   [email protected]

Senator Scott Dibble  651-296-4191 Use Email form: https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1010

Senator Lindsey Port  651-296-5975 Use Email form: https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1245

Senator Jennifer McEwen  651-296-4188  [email protected]

Senator Kelly Morrison 651-296-9261 [email protected] 

Senator Warren Limmer 651-296-2159  Use Email form: https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1032

Phone/Email Script 

Hello, I am a resident of Minnesota and would like to ask the Representative or Senator to support the removal of a harmful Senate amendment to HF 5242 added by Senator Rasmusson that would take away local control from cities and counties to regulate design standards for homes and apartments. This amendment would result in: 1) homes being built at the bare minimum state standards, and 2) a loss of property values, decreased public safety, and a lower quality of life for members of our community. This could lead to a reduction in public safety from fires and natural disasters.

This harmful language in the Senate version of HF 5242 would eliminate the rights of our cities and counties across Minnesota to handle community issues on the local level. We deserve a say in the communities we are building for our children and grandchildren. 

Support local control. Remove the harmful Rasmusson amendment from the Senate version of HF 5242 in the Conference Committee.