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To review or download a copy of the election results from today's live count, click PDF icon here

There will be a live count of our election results on Monday, November 23rd at 9am CST for our membership to watch.  If you would like the link, please send an email with your contact information to [email protected] and we will send you the link to the meeting. 

Disclaimer: Please note that this event is for BAC members only.  You cannot be sitting in a public place and must be alone. 

2020 Meeting Changes or Cancelled Events:

Dec 2 - Duluth Area Retiree Coffee is canceled. 

Dec 3 - Chapter #04MN Mankato Area Meeting is canceled. 

Dec 3 - Chapter #4 Central MN Meeting is canceled. 

Dec 3 - Retiree's Breakfast is canceled. 

Dec 4 - Chapter #4 SD Rapid City Meeting is canceled. 

Dec 7 - Chapter #08MN Rochester Area Meeting is canceled.


The announcement that will be made by the Governor today regarding COVID mitigation strategies will not impact construction.  As of now, it also will not change the current guidance for training centers or civic meetings (union meetings).  However, training and meetings are strongly encouraged to return to a remote-only format for the next four weeks. 

The announcement today will include the following information: